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Our Physicians

Women's Health Clinic is limited to the field of obstetrics and gynecology. This means that we provide care for women who are pregnant, and those who are not pregnant but have a problem related to the female reproductive system.

Since this practice involves five physicians, Dr. Frederick J. Kinder,  Dr. Gregory PhillipsDr. Lauren RunnelsDr. Ashley Martin Hirsch and Dr. Amanda Bunton , there are times when only certain doctors are available in the office. This is in part due to a rotating schedule, emergency situations, and deliveries that involve in-hospital patients. We can assure you however, that one of us will always be available in the office if needed. One of us will be on call every night and every weekend. You will be able to receive assistance by calling the office. We ask that after hours this be done in emergency situations only. Please call during regular office hours for prescription refills and appointments.

For those of you who are pregnant and wondering who will deliver your baby, please be assured that we try to deliver our own individual patients, but at times this is not feasible due to scheduling and emergencies. It is important to become familiar with each physician in our group prior to delivery in case your doctor is not available.