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Health Tips

Instructions for Pregnant Patients

  • No traveling after 30 weeks. When traveling before this time, get out and walk and empty bladder at least every two hours.
  • No hot tubs or jacuzzis. Hot baths are okay.
  • Intercourse is safe during pregnancy. If it causes bleeding or cramping then intercourse should be stopped until after delivery of the baby.
  • Medications that are safe for you:
    Headache: Tylenol
    Sinus Headache & Congenstion: Sudafed or Claritin D
    Runny Nose without Congestion: Claritin
    Runny Nose with Congestion: Claritin D
    Cough: Robitussin DM
    Yeast Infection: Monistat (insert applicator 1/2 way)
    Heart Burn or Nausea: Pepcid or Zantac
    Diarrhea: Immodium AD
  • After 20 Weeks you may take Benadryl or Tylenol PM for rest.
  • When you are 28 weeks and greater you should feel fetal movement on a daily basis. If you do not feel this movement, call the office for further instructions.
  • When in doubt or have any questions please call the office during office hours. Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.